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Talent Management with unisite


Talent Management with unisite provides constant added value along the talent management supply chain. Depending on your needs, we relieve some or the entire human resources department in your company so that it can fully focus on its core tasks.

We develop and empower your employees beyond the scope of what's expected from conventional talent management methods. This is how we consistently add value.

Even when dealing with complex profiles, we offer you a head start in terms of both planning and know-how for your recruitment efforts. This in turn allows you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

We carry out projects for medium-sized companies using methods that are otherwise only available to large corporations. With us you will be ready to take on future challenges.

We focus on quality, scheduling, and reducing your company's costs. Contact us today for a detailed consultation.

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    Talent Acquisition


    The labor market is going through fundamental changes–in today’s industrial revolution 4.0 environment, post & pray (advertise and hope that applications come in) is on its way out. When it comes to talent acquisition, unisite ag aims to activate the right talent at the right time and in the right place, thus putting our customers into contact with the right people. We put a face on our talent and customers and actively and sustainably support them. We do this by developing a special talent relationship, ensuring that only high-quality candidates are included in your recruitment process. This leads to a significant increase in the efficiency of your recruiting process and sustainably reduces the costs of searching for suitable talent.


    Form the industry for the industry

    unisite ag works explicitly within scientific fields–a sector in which we have many years of industry experience. This industry know-how enables us to maintain active contact with the entire community and its talent. As a platform for medium-sized companies, we can respond individually and personally to customer requests.

    Talent Pooling


    Our expansive network and many years of industry experience enable us to generate a tailor-made profile database for your company. This feature, in turn, supports your business in its efforts of continuously recruiting specialists. The development and maintenance of this kind of talent pool with unisite enables the quick recruitment of high-quality candidates. This simplifies the entire recruitment process for your company and makes it more cost-effective than traditional recruitment methods.

    We rely on a variety of strategies (multi-channel posting, direct sourcing or active sourcing) to attract talent and engage in strong relationship management activities. In this way, we guarantee our customers high-quality talent pools.


    Your advantages with unisite talent pools

    • Significantly faster reaction time
    • Increased talent quality and cost optimization in the recruitment process for all recruiting channels
    • Clearly defined KPI management

    Executive Search/Research


    One of unisite’s core strengths is recruiting for special profiles by directly contacting qualified talent. We draw up tailor-made lists of target candidates, maintain the appropriate contacts and in this way increase your company’s chances of finding the perfect candidate in a timely manner.


    The extend reach of your HR department

    Depending on your profile and needs, we also work with external service providers and initiate traditional evaluation processes for your talent management efforts. From structured job postings to hiring and supporting talent: uniste can support your company throughout each essential step of this process.


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