Talent Acquisition

“The job market is changing fundamentally and in the current Industrial Revolution 4.0, Post & Pray is no longer enough.”

We understand Talent Acquisition as the process of activating the right talent at the right time and in the right place, thus bringing them into contact with our clients.

We give our talents and clients a face and provide them with active and sustainable support. We achieve this through a special development of the talent relationship, thus making sure only high-quality candidates are included in your Recruitment Process.

The result: More efficiency in the recruitment process and sustainable cost reduction in talent search.

We develop and qualify your employees beyond conventional talent management. This is how we create added value in the long term

We offer you a time and know-how advantage in recruiting, even for complex profiles. That way you are ahead of the competition.

We implement projects for medium-sized companies using methods that are otherwise reserved for large corporations. This makes you prepared for future challenges.

Netzwerk Rekrutierung

Life Science Talent Management

unisite explicitly operates in the field of science, where we have several years of experience in the industry. This industry know-how enables us to maintain active contacts with the entire community and the talents in this special field. As a platform for medium-sized companies, we are able to respond individually and personally to Client requirements.

Talent Management mit unisite ag

More than just recruitment

Talent Acquisition is more than just recruiting. It is the art of perfectly coordinating recruitment, employer branding, personnel marketing, applicant management and personnel development.

Therefore, talent acquisition and recruitment are by no means synonymous. Because while recruitment focuses on short-term, tactical talent searches, talent acquisition is about long-term, strategic planning and application.

Our team brings many years of experience and know-how in the entire talent management process of a company and supports you in all of your talent acquisition concerns.

Acting as a consultant, unisite ag can optimise your projects and processes along the entire Talent Management Supply Chain in an efficient and cost-saving manner. You have access to our industry knowledge in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry, medical technology and pharmaceuticals and the entire unisite network during our collaboration.


Through targeted identification of candidates in our own networks and in public ones, we find the optimum pool of talents for your vacancy by direct contact.

Targeted identification

Creation of long and short lists of your candidates with detailed profiles and targeted criteria.

Direct contact

The top candidates are identified through the relevant channels and approached directly.


Conducting competence and skills-based interviews on the basis of predefined parameters.

unisite Active Sourcing Konzept

Strategische Personalplanung

Onsite & Offsite Solutions

As part of the cooperation, we offer various solution models. These can be arbitrarily combined and adapted to meet your individual needs.

As part of the on-site management, we personally carry out the defined scope of services on your premises. Due to the personal contact, this type is particularly suitable for projects in which synergy effects and short communication channels are advantageous for both sides.

In offsite consulting, we carry out the defined scope of services on our premises. This type is particularly suitable for standardised service processes where on-site presence is not required or the infrastructure cannot accommodate additional capacities.

Talent Pooling

On the basis of a strong network and many years of industry knowledge, we are able to generate a tailor-made database of profiles for your company for the ongoing recruitment of specialists.

The development and maintenance of such a Talent Pool with unisite allows for timely recruitment of high-quality candidates. This simplifies the entire recruitment process for your company and makes it more cost-effective than conventional recruitment.

We rely on various strategies such as Multichannel posting, Direct sourcing or Active sourcing in the acquisition of talent and operate an intensive relationship management. In this way, we guarantee our Clients high-quality talent pools.

Your advantages with unisite talent pools

  • Significantly faster response times
  • Improvement in the quality of talent and the recruiting process
  • Cost optimisation in all recruitment channels
  • Clearly defined management of KPIs

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