Project Recruitment

What is Project Recruitment and how can your company benefit from it?

Project Recruitment comes into play as soon as your company has an increased need for personnel and other talent acquisition tasks. This can be the case, for example, when a company is growing strongly or there are individual projects with high personnel requirements. The bottom line is always to find the best possible talents within a useful period of time and to integrate them into the company.

The main factors for successful project recruitment are the quality of the specialists and the head count, the invoice time and access to specialised industries and professionals (network). unisite is specialised in successfully implementing complex recruitment projects within the shortest possible time according to the Client requirements.

Typical Project Recruitment Scenario

The current demand for personnel and HR tasks exceeds the existing capacities of your Talent Acquisition teams.

The company is in a growth phase and needs certain professionals from specialised and hard-to-reach fields.

Sites or production facilities are to be opened and production must be started as soon as possible.

New products are being launched and are expected to be placed on the market soon.

Expansion into new regions and countries becomes necessary, but the company (brand) is unknown to local top talents.

What are the advantages of Project Recruitment?

Project Recruitment is an outsourcing service. The goal is to solve urgent challenges and special HR and recruitment-related tasks on a project basis, which go beyond the company’s regular capacities..

Active Sourcing Strategie

• The rapid development of departments and specialised teams
• An intensive and high-quality search for hard-to-fill vacancies
• The recruitment solution is “tailor-made” and meets the needs of your company and the ongoing project.
• Time-to-hire can be significantly reduced.
• Overheads can be reduced and controlled
• Detailed reporting and monitoring of all project activities
• Improvement of employer branding through professional entry into the market
• The creation of a talent pool that can also be used for future recruiting projects
• The activation of active and passive talents
• Can be combined with other services such as onboarding processes and employee retention programmes.

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