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The complex processes along the talent supply chain are becoming increasingly demanding for businesses and their employees. unisite gives you the opportunity to take over individual process steps or entire sub-areas of human resources tasks, considerably relieving your employees in the process. This enables us to achieve a significant increase in quality and efficiency for our customers while adhering to cost control parameters.

We go above and beyond traditional talent management to develop and empower your employees. This is how we consistently add value.

Even when dealing with complex profiles, we offer you a head start in terms of both planning and know-how for your recruitment efforts. This in turn allows you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

We carry out projects for medium-sized companies using methods that are otherwise only available to large corporations. With us you will be ready to take on future challenges.

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    HR process optimization


    unisite’s HR outsourcing options give you more flexibility and choice in your actions. We support you in optimizing existing concepts or help guide you in a completely new direction. As an external service provider, unisite analyzes your existing strategy in terms of costs or efficiency and identifies possible weaknesses before developing appropriate countermeasures. At the same time, we control and monitor process activates and investigate to which extent deviations are occurring while also identifying the factors responsible for these. The results of these analyses then serve as a basis for new objectives and optimization goals in the affected areas of your business.


    Using External Knowledge

    unisite As a specialized service provider, unisite has extensive industry knowledge and offers professional expertise by applying sophisticated, tried and tested methods and instruments. As a business, you benefit from this knowledge and expertise without having to hire qualified specialists.

    Increase Flexibility through Process Outsourcing


    This option is particularly interesting for companies that are currently in a growth phase or whose business is strongly affected by seasonal or cyclical fluctuations. Through process outsourcing you can access additional external resources when you need them. In doing so, we help prevent more drastic measures, such as layoffs, in times of low capacity utilization.


    Process outsourcing can also be used to free up management and employee capacities. During periods of growth, for example, your company’s management and employees can focus on strategic tasks, while unisite takes over administrative tasks and ensures the seamless execution of business processes in the defined areas. This partnership makes it possible to more quickly open up new markets or launch innovative products.

    HR outsourcing with defined targets and measurable results


    The results that are to be achieved through HR outsourcing measures need to be clearly defined. These outcomes encompass both qualitative as well as quantitative findings. Only by following these guidelines, unisite ag is able to deliver true added value to your business.

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