Employer Branding

Employer Branding with unisite


For us, employer branding encompasses all the measures involved in successfully positioning your company as an attractive employer. With our employer branding strategies, we strive to continually increase the quality of your applicants and ensure they remain committed to your company.

We conceptualize your brand as an employer based on your mission statement, values, and vision.

We position your company as an attractive employer in all target group-relevant channels.

We connect you with customers, suppliers, and workers from within and outside your industry.

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Employer Branding Strategy


In today’s professional environment, strong employer branding is the key to ensuring sustainable success in talent management. Companies need to communicate their culture, values, and benefits across all channels in order to be perceived by the desired candidates as the best employer in their industry.


From the very first points of contact between a potential candidate and the company including the recruitment process to talent relationship management and employee departures: employer branding affects the entire life cycle of an employee.

Employer Branding Agency Basel


As specialists from the life sciences industry, our team has many years of experience in building up successful employer brands. We give your company a clear voice and make you a magnet for new talent. With our talent management system, existing employees are an integral part of our branding strategy and help spread the company’s values to the outside world.


Contact one of our specialists for individual consulting. We offer support on any questions around the topic of employer branding.