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We understand employer branding as an umbrella term for all measures that successfully position your company as an attractive employer.

With our employer branding strategies, we permanently increase the quality of your applicants, making them loyal to your company in the long term.


What is employer branding?

Employer branding is a corporate strategy measure to present a company as an attractive employer and to distinguish it positively from other competitors in the job market.

The employer brand, which is specifically designed by the company, is the way in which a company is perceived as an employer in the job market.

The specific employer USPs (Employer Value Propositions) are an accumulation of different offers that a company extends to potential employees to make them interested in working for the company.

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Employer Branding Strategy


In today’s working environment, strong employer branding is the key to sustainable success in talent management. Companies must communicate their culture, values and benefits to their target groups via all channels in order to be consistently perceived by the desired candidates as the top-notch employer in their industry.

Thus, employer branding affects the entire life cycle of an employee. This applies to the very first points of contact of a potential candidate with the company up to onboarding, the Recruitment process, the Talent Relationship Management and quitting the company.

A successful employer branding strategy is also a basic prerequisite for ensuring the constant availability of high-quality talent in highly competitive industries such as the life sciences sector.

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Our industry focus

As a specialist in the life science industry, our team has several years of experience in building successful employer brands.

We position your company with clear messages and make you a magnet that attracts new talent.

Existing employees become an integral part of the branding strategy through our talent management measures and help to communicate the values of the company to the outside world.

Ask our specialists for personalised advice. We support you in all questions concerning employer branding.

Employer value proposition

If you want to acquire specialists, you have to offer them something. The best thing is to have a good reputation. The term Employer Value Proposition (EVP) encompasses all the benefits and offers granted by an employer to its recruits. In the scramble for qualified specialists, companies must prove that they are worthy of being chosen as an employer.

unisite helps you to work out the essential unique selling points of your company and to communicate them as an “employer value proposition” to the appropriate target group.

Employer Branding Solutions

We support you in the development of a strong employer brand and specific employer unique selling propositions (Employer Value Proposition).

Together with you, we design your employer brand based on your mission statement, values and vision.

We crystallise your unique and specific USPs and process them to form an Employer Value Proposition (EVP).

We help you strengthen your employer brand so that it attracts, motivates and retains talent.

We position your company as an attractive employer in all target group-relevant channels.

Branding Excellence

We use our entire know-how in employer branding to position your company as an attractive employer (top employer, employer of choice, great place to work) among your employees and in the market. With unisite ag, you have a partner who will proactively support you in all areas of employer branding.


We have proven expertise in internal (employee retention) and external (employee recruitment) employer branding.

We fully focus on your task, thus guaranteeing efficient processing.

The expense you incur is to be seen as a sustainable investment in the future, which ensures the recruitment and retention of talent.

The involvement of your resources in the development of your employer brand is crucial for the long-term success of the concept.

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