About unisite

We are a leading management advisory group for consulting and outsourcing services along the talent management supply chain and support any organization that puts people front and center.  Our service products are innovative and tailored to the needs of modern companies.


People are at the very center of our business
Talent Management und HR Outsourcing

Our Team

Our team consists of industry experts with many years of experience and scientific background. Since his completing his education, CEO Olivier Müller has built up a network in the life sciences sector from which our customers benefit in the form of high-quality talent. We are constantly expanding our talent pool and cultivating relationships on both personal and professional levels.

Olivier Mueller | CEO unisite ag

Olivier Mueller

Oli is founder and CEO of unisite. He also takes the role of  a sales manager, recruiter, consultant and entrepreneur.

Svenja Levinson

Svenja Levinson

As Managing Director, Svenja is responsible for the management of the branch office in Basel and implements the accumulated knowledge of the last 15 years with great passion in everyday work. Her focus is on Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Change Management and the management of various workshops.

Reto Müller

Reto is our Finance-, Legal & Admin-Manager with a wide experience in finance & controlling. He is our business administrational mind, as well sparring partner for our CEO and employees.

Christoph Ballmer

Christoph is the “marketing guy” for unisite. He is responsable for digital marketing tasks such as webdesign, advertising campaigns, search enging optimization and marketing conulting.


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Phone: +41 79 429 50 50

unisite ag
Im Klosteracker 34
CH-4104 Oberwil

Phone: +41 79 429 50 50
E-mail: info@unisite.ch

Branch office:
unisite ag
Hochbergerstrasse 60B
CH-4057 Basel

Tel.: +41 79 429 50 50
E-Mail: info@unisite.ch


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